How it works? - Yolo Pizza
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how does it work?

Create your own, unique New York-style pizza – That’s the YOLO concept.

Here are the steps to get the pizza of your dreams! (Remember – “You Only Live Once”!)

We offer two home-made doughs: classic and “green” (a spinach mix) along with a tasty gluten-free dough (€3 extra) prepared in a separate gluten-free facility.

And, if you like a thick-style pizza, you can choose our classic or green double thick (€1 extra).


Choose from 8 different home-made sauces: from a natural olive oil to our exotic vodka sauce.

Of course, our classic red-sauce is made fresh in our kitchen from whole tomatoes, olive oil, basil and a little garlic.

Cheese lovers – you have 7 different cheeses to choose from.

Mix and match to your heart’s content! (Pizza is not just about mozzarella – though we love it too)

And we have 2 kinds of vegan cheeses!


We offer 38 additional toppings – all locally sourced and fresh.

Meats, seafood, and lots of fresh veggies.

Tell your preparer exactly what you want and how much you want and she will build you an absolutely unique pizza. There are literally millions of possibilities (we’ve done the math).

Vegans have fun too – we have 8 different vegan specialty toppings along with around 20 different veggies.

After your pizza is built, it takes around 3 minutes to bake to perfection in our super-hot stone oven. And then…

3 minutos
a disfrutar