Club Yolo - Yolo Pizza
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Would you like to be part of The Unlimited States of American Pizza?

Join our club to earn free pizzas and receive special and exclusive offers.

There are two ways to join: 1. Register online and receive a free 2×1 coupon that you can redeem at any Yolo restaurant. 2. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can still join by requesting a Yolo Loyalty Card when you purchase a pizza. (You will need to show this card with each purchase to earn points).

As a club member, with every pizza purchase you earn points toward a free pizza. If you have registered online you need only give your server your email or phone number.

If you register online we will give you a free 2×1 coupon and once a month you will receive an email with special offers and gifts.

Your Yolo profile allows you to access and check your points whenever you want. Thus, you will know when you can redeem your gifts.